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"We grow agriculture to harvest the future"

Desenzano del garda | 17-18-19 april 2015

Special for schools

From January AgriCultura Festival promotes monthly dates, readings, workshops and seminars for youngs, from pree school to primary school (in Desenzano). This is made to instill lifestyles wich follow times of nature, to promote sensitivity towards ambience as the place which accomodates us and as the place that feeds us.

The workshops made in this fourt edition:

-workshop about bees and honey with Claudio Vertuan and Marilena Pinti

-workshop about cormeal mush: and morphology of corn with Luciano Bregoli and Laurachiara Visioli

-workshop about corn for pree school (shelling, milling, flour, cormeal mush); reserch about corn in the literary, history, art and agriculture with Stefano Ambrogio 

-workshop about farm of corn in the familiar economy in a farmstead in the mountain with Franco Ghighini

-workshop about farm of corn: digging, harrowing, preparation of furrows and seeding. With Faustino Piotti and Pierangelo Zammarchi

-workshop about biodiversity of insects; observation in vegetable garden and in orchard. Useful and demaging insects. With Patrizia Russo