Disfida of (Bio) Polpetta

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"We grow agriculture to harvest the future"

Desenzano del garda | 17-18-19 april 2015

Bio happy hour
Friday 17th april from 19.00 to 23.00 two wine and food ways in Desenzano.

Start from Museum Rambotti from...
Bio happy hour

Disfida of (Bio) Polpetta

Wednesday, 8 April, 2015
Friday 17th april from 19.00 to 23.00 two wine and food ways in Desenzano.

Start from Museum Rambotti from 19.00 to 21.00. 
Arrival to the Castle within 23.00.

Two optionally ways: Sage (Salvia) and Saffron (Zafferano): 6 stop-over for each ways with organic meat/fish/vegetables balls and glasses of local wine: Lugana, Chiaretto and Rosso.

6 meat/fish/vegetables balls and 6 glasses of wine at 8 euro

For more info: info@agriculturafestival.it

Booking Online : in the section Contatti e prenotazioni (only in the italian version of the site) complete the form with your name, surname, phone number, email address, and write "I will take part at the disfida", specifing the preference of the way (Sage or Saffron) and the number of partecipants.
Friday 17th going to infopoint under arcade of Palazzo Todeschini within 18.30 to pay (only cash) and to take the coupon. Attention: the right of reservation will be due after 18.30.

Giveaway a useful bag of Fai. Only for booking online, until stocks are exhausted.

Pre -sale

Percorso Zafferano:
Trattoria dall’Abate        
Rivoltella, via Agello 24
Ristorante Caffè Italia                 
 Desenzano, Piazza Malvezzi 19
Ristorante pizzeria Al Fattore        
Desenzano, via Roma 8
Ristorante Pipol               
 Desenzano, via Roma 73/b
Osteria La Frasca      
Desenzano, Piazza Garibaldi 9
Pasticceria Duomo     
Desenzano, Piazza Duomo 15
Percorso salvia:

Zanoni Bottega & cucina   
Rivoltella, via Parrocchiale 19
Ristorante pizzeria Kapperi 
Desenzano, via Nazario Sauro 7
Ristorante pizzeria Gattolardo 
Desenzano, via Achille Papa 13/15
L'ozioso Castellano      
Desenzano, via castello 35
Gastronomia L'Ortica
Via Giuseppe Garibaldi 24
Pasticceria Riva                        
via Giuseppe Garibaldi 16
 Special pre sale of both ways:
Libreria Castelli Podavini
Desenzano, via Roma 20


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