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"We grow agriculture to harvest the future"

Desenzano del garda | 17-18-19 april 2015


Manifesto of AgriCultura

We grow agriculture to harvest the future


The Earth

To restart from earth and its care to give back its dignity and conserve its fertility for the balance of agroecosystem.

To conserve natural physiognomy of earth and, if where is possible, ripristinate it: the due of conservation of land is ratifyed by article 9 of Italian Constitution: “Republic...defends the landscape and historical and artistic patrimony of Nation”.


The Man

To bring back the man on the earth for an etic and organic relationship.

To rethink about what we consume, and, specially, how much we consume.

To maintain rural traditions as promotion of humanity's patrimony: culture of earth is the culture of our source.

To favour gender dimension in rural sector as key strategy for economic growth and rural and sustainable development.

To encourage agronomic, culinary and nutritional information and formation.


The Product

To incentivate and promote organic productions, local productions, seasonal products, products picked up and trasformed with fair use of labour force.

To accompany the product with a label wich identifies clearly the quality and signs passages of chain and the origin of raw materials.

To favour and incentivize recognition of life cicle.


The Market

To favour farmer market (without demonising global market) and local shops.

To support and incentivize all the forms of direct selling.