Friday 17th april

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"We grow agriculture to harvest the future"

Desenzano del garda | 17-18-19 april 2015

Friday 17th april

Time: 10.00     Villa Brunati

Inauguration “Festival goes to school”

Exhibition of works made for AgriCultura by children of schools of Desenzano (from nursery school to primary school) by Marilena Pinti

The exhibition will be opened until 24th april

Time: 15.00   Piazza Malvezzi 

Exchange-market of organic seeds and buds

The beauty flourishes from seeds. Biodiversity feeds with exchange: user instructions with Valeria Reggiani (Donne in Campo) and Agostino Barbieri

Time: 15.00    Lakefront Cesare Battisti

Tree climbing

By: Floragiardini di Luigi Cristini e Arborgreen di Ermanno Maffei  

Vision of moderm agriculture

Tree climbing is a method of work which permit accessing to the top of the tree and moving inside the foliage with security thanks to lashings and ropes. This tecnique is used to make procedures of pruning, pulling down, strengthening or anchoring of trees with avarage and high trunk.

Some trees of the the district, which are situated beside the lakefront near Porto Vecchio, will be pruned. 

From 19.00     Start: Museum Rambotti

Disfida of Polpetta

Itinerant and organic happy hour at Desenzano. From Museum Rambotti two ways (Saffron and Sage) wich guide visitors to different glimpses of Desenzano, among frontlake and inner streets. Arrival for all in the Castle.