What is Agricultura Festival 2015?

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"We grow agriculture to harvest the future"

Desenzano del garda | 17-18-19 april 2015

Bio happy hour
Friday 17th april from 19.00 to 23.00 two wine and food ways in Desenzano.

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What is Agricultura Festival 2015?

What is Agricultura Festival 2015?

Restarting from earth and its care is an absolute priority, as re-establishing awareness in the use of sources of world, throught actions of formation and information wich start from preschool to arrive to whole society. The agriculture is the most concrete way, we have, to conserve, reproduce, pass on the culture of a community and its land. The production of food is strictly united to soil, its geography, climatic conditions, social enviroment, common and religion rules. AgriCultura Festival 2015 is for organic agriculture. Key words of this fourth edition: biodiversity, assertibility, fertility.


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